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National Public Holidays in Indonesia

Find out when the Indonesian public holidays fall throughout the year...

  • When a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, it is common practice for the government to declare a bridge holiday (cuti bersama or "Shared Holiday by Government Decree"), by taking off the Friday or Monday creating a long weekend
  • Public holidays that fall on the weekend are not moved to another date
  • Official public holidays are announced in the summer of each year, for the following year, although the date of Islamic holidays may not be confirmed until a few days before as these are based on the lunar calendar. Following the appropriate moon sighting, announcements are made in the national press confirming the official date.
  • Nyepi day (literally, day of silence) is strictly observed on the island of Bali. The airport closes for 24 hours
  • Banks close on 31 December
  • Eid al-Fitr (Idul Fitri) is a national public holiday for the first two days. Banks close for a week and businesses may close for up to two weeks
National and Regional Holidays in 2014
1 May (Thu)Labour DayNational
14 May (Wed)Vesak - Buddha Purnima - Visakha BuchaRegional
15 May (Thu)Vesak 2558National
27 May (Tue)Ascension of MohammedNational
29 May (Thu)Ascension DayNational
28 July (Mon)End of Ramadan (Eid ul Fitr 1435 Hijriah)National
29 July (Tue)End of Ramadan (Eid ul Fitr 1435 Hijriah)National
17 August (Sun)Independence DayNational
5 October (Sun)Eid-ul-Adha - Feast of the Sacrifice (may be changed to the nearest day)National
25 October (Sat)El am Hejir New Year 1436 (may be changed to the nearest day)National
25 December (Thu)Christmas DayNational